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    Online Accounting Agency
    Improve your bookkeeping.
    Data and reports are available to you at any time in our TiramisuERP program.
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    Be Informed
    Our system will automatically email you information on profitability, currency display for expenses or issued invoices, etc. You will be granted access to our report review system.

Why choose Tiramisu AKT for your external accounting in Montenegro

Certified Professional Accountants

We are a group of dedicated chartered professional accountants with great insight that can help you put more of your hard-earned money back in your pocket.

“One Stop” Company

We can handle all of your accounting needs, including bookkeeping, corporate tax returns, personal tax returns, payroll, employee check-outs, daily profitability reporting, and more.

Focus on small and medium enterprises

We work exclusively with small and medium business owners. Our goal is to ensure that your business and your personal finances are where they need to be.

Paperless business

Together we reduce paper and paperwork, which is great for you and the environment. All you have to do is take photos of bills and other documents over the phone, or scan and upload them to the system. Everything else is up to us.

Efficiency and timeliness

In cooperation with us, your accounting will be updated daily, which will ensure that you actively use financial data. We will post all your documents on a daily basis, within 24 hours.

Daily financial bookkeeping

This will allow you to use data about your live business.

Email and SMS notifications

Every day you will receive an email about the balance on giro accounts, daily and annual turnover, profitability, payment obligations for the next 3 days, expired currencies for customers, etc.

Access to the TiramisuERP.com system

We will provide you with access to the TiramisuERP.com minimum system for viewing business reports, customer cards, account balances, profitability, etc. We can help you start using it in your core business of retail, service, wholesale, invoicing, catering, manufacturing and more.

Services specially designed for your needs

Whether you need support that includes payroll services, monthly reporting, tax advice, or simply someone who will prepare and file your taxes, Tiramisu AKT can help. By using technology, we will simplify the accounting function of your business. Technology is our friend and we can help you automate many of the day-to-day activities you hate to do, such as records to pay suppliers or keep accounts, receivables collection reports, profitability analysis, to allow you to spend more time on your core business that brings you profit.

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Packages we have prepared for you


Receipt of accounting documents

Checking the correctness of the submitted documentation

Posting Outgoing Invoices

Posting Incoming Invoices

Posting statements

Posting the cash register


Preparation of annual inventories of goods, assets and liabilities

Reconciliation of the census list with bookkeeping records

Compilation of annual financial statements


... all from the standard package +

Keeping material or operational bookkeeping

Check-in and check-out of workers

Submission of M4 forms

Submission of M8 forms

Submission of M13 forms

Check-in and check-out of business units


... all from the standard package +

Legal services

Check-in and check-out of workers

Assistance in compiling tender documents

Assistance in compiling credit documentation

Payment of due obligations (at the request of the client)


About Us

Agency Tiramisu AKT is a modern accounting agency that has an improved level of digitalization of its own bookkeeping services.

The strategy of our decision is to invest even more in digitization processes - that is, in bookkeeping software and software that enables work on the client-bookkeeping agency in real time.

Real-time posting

Real-time posting

Online communication with bookkeeping

Online communication with bookkeeping

Online document exchange

Online document exchange